Water Proofing Services Regina

In southern Saskatchewan there is a lot of movement in our soil.  This can cause foundation wall to crack and leak. Another factor is water sitting next to the house and slowly finding the weakest point of resistance, especially when the weeping tile is full of sediment or if the house does not have weeping tile.  The fix for this is waterproofing

  • Dig down to the footing

  • Install a socked 4 inch weeping tile

  • Roll on a blue skin primer

  • Put the blue skin membrane on

  • Caulk edges

  • Backfill with approx 8 inches of crushed rock

  • Then with 2/3 free drainage sand

  • Cap it with 1/3 native clay and tamp on at least 5% grade

Why Hire Us?

Regina house leveling has waterproofed hundreds of homes in regina and works with engineers and city inspector to make sure you waterproofing job is done exact to the engineer diagram

  1. We Are Experienced To Take On Challenges: Our team undergoes a lot of training before they can begin work at a construction site. Most importantly they are also trained to update their skills from time to time. Our workers can take up any challenge when it comes to waterproofing

  2. We Give You Good Advice : When we carry out waterproofing at your house we also give you advice on how to maintain it after the job has been complete. Our contractors first spend time in diagnosing the problem and then start their operation on waterproofing.

You should understand that to get the best out of waterproofing in Regina you must hire the services of professionals. Take your time and do research on reliable contractors. Remember that your home is an asset and it needs to be taken care of, be it in Regina or anywhere else in the world.