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A home is one of the largest purchases you may ever make, and we understand maintaining that asset. Finding a company you trust to complete the work in a professional and timely manner is no small task. Whether a job is big or small, start to finish Zerie Construction takes pride in a job well done.

We specialize in leveling foundations, screw piles for underpinning and telepost adjustments. We also service all bobcat and excavator needs. Call or email for your free estimate today.



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Underpinning is necessary when a building has settled to an undesirable slope and must be fixed. Excavation is done to the footing and concrete piles or screw-piles are installed. Brackets that lifts up the footing are installed simultaneously on each pile so everything lifts at once. Once the desired level is achieved, bracket assembly can be tightened and the foundation is now sitting on piles.

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Screw Piles

A screw pile is a screw-in piling and anchor. It consists of a hollow pile and a helix. The piling shaft transfers the structures load into the pile. Screw piles are installed in one day, and building can commence that same day if desired. Concrete tends to need curing time, giving screw piles an advantage. Screw piles also have less ground disturbance making them ideal for underpinning, new constriction on houses, decks and additions.

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Telepost Adjustments

If you are experiencing cracks in drywall, uneven floors or interior doors not shutting properly, these are telltale signs that your Teleposts need to be adjusted. Elevation measurements are taken with a laser level, and adjustments are made slowly over the course of weeks or months, dependent on how much they are out. Occasionally other work needs to be completed, such as floating partition walls in order to adjust the Telepost.

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Propert grading can help the extend the life of your foundation. Grading allows any water to drain away from the structure and prevents pooling, ultimately wearing on your foundation/basement walls. Recommended draining is a 1' drop for every one foot away for five feet.

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Done to prolong the life of your foundation even further, water proofing is key. After your basement walls have been repaired and sealed, a membrane is installed. Weeping tile drains excess moisture into a predetermined area.

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A grade beam or grade beam footing is a component of a buildings foundation consisting of reinforced concrete that transmits the load from a bearing wall into spaced foundations. Can be used in conjunction with pile caps.

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Zerie Construction was founded in May of 2013 by Travis Zerie. Travis started working with his step-father, Dale Obleman, owner of AAA Solid Foundation a the age of 14. His knowledge and expertise played a huge role in teaching Travis everything he knows about Regina gumbo and the fixes for the horrible damage it can cause. Travis’s brother, Chad also worked for the businesses from a young age and is now a foreman for Zerie Construction. In total the company brings about 70 combined years of foundation repair knowledge to the job site and are still eager to keep finding new methods of repairing. Zerie works closely with structural engineers and the City Permit Department to ensure all fixes are done correctly, documented and inspected.

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