UnderPinning Service in Regina

If you live in southern Saskatchewan, you already know how sinking floors, wet foundation and sagging corners can affect your house. This has to do with what is known as the “Regina gumbo,” the Ice Age clay that contains sodium bentonite makes the soil spongy. Our soil expands and contracts with moisture.

 With our soil being this way, spread footings (typical foundation styles before the 80’s and still uses a lot today) are not to be considered the best foundation style for this moving soil. In this gumbo clay we experience potentially active clay as low as 14 feet below grade.

What is under pinning?

Under Pinning is a procedure that uncovers the current base of a house and expands it for a better depth. This procedure reinforces the structure of the house and amplifies its usable area. Yes, it is that simple and now a little about how can we be of any assistance. Do read the following section for this.

How Regina House Leveling Can Help?

You know that the weight of your house sits on its very foundation. So, you need a solid foundation for the house can bear all that it is supposed to for years to come. Ignoring this can cause you a lot of trouble that you surely are not willing to undergo like:

  • The house may start to sink.

  • As a result of this your house will start looking unleveled and it will lose its value in real estate as well

  • The walls may crack

  • This would make the doors and windows stick or bind

Stages of Underpinning

Here is what we consider are a few stages involved in this process:

  • Contact a professional service provider like Regina House Leveling

  • We will come be and use a laser level to determine where and how much of the foundation has settled

  • We then can provide a ballpark quote based on what we think the engineer will ask for and we can talk about options

  • To proceed for this point we get a structural engineer for the area to write an underpinning repair report. We have engineers we can line you up with.

  • Regina House Leveling will apply for a permit

  • We then get underground line locates done

  • Our team starts digging and exposing the bottom of the foundation.

  • Installation of the screw piles

  • Installation of lifting brackets

  • Level house as close to plumb as possible with 20 ton jacks

  • Backfill and tamp

Why Hire Our Services?

You must understand the importance of leveling your house. Be it in Regina or anywhere else, you must consult a professional before you make the call. We are dedicated to Regina and have leveled hundreds of houses, all with different situations to figure out the fix for.

  • Our team has years of experience in under pinning services

  • Our rates are competitive

  • Are equipped with all the licenses

  • We line up city inspections before and after

Get in touch with Regina House Leveling by dropping a line or calling on us and feel the difference!