Telepost Adjustments

Telepost Adjustments Services Regina

Telepost adjustments in Regina and surrounding areas are a very common service. Three tattletale signs that you need an adjustment are… uneven floors, cracking in drywall and interior doors not shutting properly. If this is the case give Regina House Leveling a call today and ask for a free quote on Telepost adjustments.

What Are Telepost Adjustments?

Telepost adjustments are the process of turning the bolt that is inside the nut of the Telepost. How much and how often is determined by how much shifting has occurred.

How Regina House Leveling Can Help?

Put simply, Teleposts need to be adjusted by professionals, as redistributing the weight seems to be the only solution for this. This needs to be performed gradually, but accurately. Below mentioned is our process.

  • We schedule a free estimate to determine if Telepost adjustments are right in this case and also check to see if the partition wall have float to accommodate the upper level moving.

  • If so we schedule an appointment.

  • We use a laser level to shoot in certain locations, and make an elevation graph.

  • We do the calculations and change the measurements into the amount of turns.

  • Then we do our first increment of adjusting on each post

  • We return usually every 10 to 14 days until the adjustments are completed.

Benefits of Telepost Adjustments

The very first advantage of this adjustment is that it provides permanence to a structure or a building. Of course, there is more to this, like:

  • Your floor gets optimized for maximum space usage

  • Squeaks usually go away of lessen

  • Cracks in drywall usually come back together and can be fixed

  • The uneven feeling of the floors should be to a minimum

  • Your doors should shut better

  • Relieves the stress on the rafters and roof

Why Choose Regina House Leveling for Telepost Adjustments?

Come on, we are locals and no one knows Regina and Regina gumbo (clay soil) better than us! This is serious, as we comprehend the soil, environmental factors leading to soil shifting and much more.

  • We have professionals in our team that have years of knowledge pertaining to Telepost Adjustments.

  • As mentioned, we know Regina gumbo, we have adjusted over a thousand homes over the years and have come across almost every scenario imaginable.

  • In order to avoid further cracks and loose flooring, we know that it has to be done slowly, but precisely

  • The main point is of making small adjustments at a time.

  • Expect quick installation.

  • We are true professionals and we deliver on time.

  • We do not compromise with our quality of work.

  • We clean up after rendering services.

  • Not all contractors make regular visits for this, but we beg to differ from them.