Grading Services Regina

In Regina and surrounding areas we have problems with our gumbo expanding and pushing our foundation walls in. This is because our soil expands with moisture. proper grading leading the water away from the foundation is key to maintaining a solid foundation and a dry basements. You will come across many Grading professionals who perform this operation but you have to be careful about the contractor you hire if you want good results. You do research and get hold of reliable contractors to do the job, like Regina House Leveling.

How Is Site Grading Performed?

Usually engineers ask for native clay or yellow clay to be installed around the perimeter of the foundation at a minimum slope of 5% away from the foundation. after this a tamper or a jumping jack should be used to compact the material properly.

What Is This Process Used For?

This is performed not just to level out the ground for a strong foundation but to make sure that the water flows in the right direction. The process needs to be done properly to prevent problems like basement flooding, damage of foundation and erosion. These problems usually happen when the drainage system has a flaw in it.

Why Does This Need To Be Done?

Over years the ground shifts and settles. The slope around the house may change in a way that lets water pool next to the foundation causing inward movement of foundation walls, footings setting, and water damage.  So you see these are reasons why good grading services need to be performed.

Why Hire Regina House Leveling for Grading Services?

We have been in this industry for years now and have undertaken various challenging projects. Here is why you should put your trust into Regina House leveling:

  • We employ a team of expert workers who are well qualified to understand the topography of the site before undertaking in procedure.

  • By hiring us you will not only have access to our services but also to the good advice our team gives now and years to come.

  • We offer estimates to our clients after we study the area and receive the requirements from our clients.

  • Our services are priced at competitive rates.

Grading is carried out because the customer has issues with drainage around the house. The point of doing this to make sure that the drainage is up to the mark. This is a time consuming affair. The accuracy of the process will contribute to the strength of the foundation.